’55 Thunderbird Fun

As soon as my friend Cyndy pulled into my driveway in this ’55 Thunderbird I knew it would take some sweet pictures!! (Thank You Cyndy!) So when my daughter Rebecca came home for a visit with Morgan Boyes and brought friends with her, we set up a photo shoot! This car was the perfect backdrop to these crazy kids and we had a blast getting pictures at McGowan Park. It was also fun because Jordan Lamb and Brooklyn Anderson  are engaged and getting married this August! It was a jam packed week with these 4, full of friends, food and late nights but it was worth every minute! The house is quiet again…



Considering how many sport pictures I have taken in the last 10 years, this was the first time I actually took individual pictures of the players! I mentioned to Mitchell that I would like to try, so he approached his team and they gave me 10 minutes before they needed to warm up for their game! So that’s what I did, brought my Nikon and my black sheet backdrop and scrambled to get a few pictures in before they had to run. Two of them held the sheet for me and I was able to take pictures of 7 members of the team, we were missing two as they were injured and didn’t have their uniforms that day but I am hoping to get them before the next game. Thank goodness for Adobe Lightroom as I had to darken the backdrop, crop out hands and zoom in, but I was happy with how they turned out. I’m so grateful for these boys, the Norkam Junior Boys Basketball players who have played their hearts out over the years….it was fun to capture “basketball” attitude!

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I was able to visit with the ALLEN family last month and get some pictures! This is the first time they’ve been all together in years and you could certainly see how much fun they were having!! We were planning on heading to a park but because of the heavy layer of smoke in the air that day from forest fires, we decided to make it work in their front and backyard. Have to admit it was my first family shoot with that many people including their dog but they were fun and patient and helpful! Dan and Mary are amazing musicians so I was also glad we could get some pictures of the fun they have with that!!


Had to get my camera out and get some pictures of our project this weekend! We have had some long days and anxious moments but I am grateful for the good men in my life who work hard and endure to the end! Our fence has slowly been deteriorating to the point that it was quite the eyesore so this was the weekend to change that and of course I documented it in pictures!! Here we are uncovering “wasp condo”, ripping out the fence, taking down trees and putting up the new fence. I say “we” loosely because I spent most of the time taking pictures and cleaning up as we went along! I’m grateful for Cam Pierson and his crew, Craig Lamb, my son-in-law Tim Pederson, our friends who stopped on their way to vacation to lend us a hand…Kenny and Jonathan LeMay and most of all to my Mitchell and Don! It was worth all the delays, wasps, splinters, sore muscles and frustration….we love our new fence!


I was happy to get out my camera to shoot these family photos! This is my daughter Vanessa’s family and they were fun, patient and a little crazy I have to admit! I learned how to crop a photo tilted in Adobe Lightroom and I added an aged photo treatment to several of these photos to add this beautiful effect! I’m grateful that my daughter Vanessa has a wonderful husband and in-laws that she loves to spend time with!!


I wanted to design a page tribute to my daughter Rebecca who graduated from Norkam Secondary School this year. She has always loved sports through high school and has played volleyball, basketball and rugby just about every year. I’m proud of how hard she has worked and how she has also kept her grades up at the same time!! She’s (one of!) my sporty girl!!

I use Lightroom 5 to organize my pictures and then this page was designed in Adobe Photoshop CC using extractions, blending techniques, saturation levels and reflections. I also used Jana Morton’s Blending Techniques, Katie Pertiet’s Star glows and Anna Aspnes Artplay Saffron Villa brushes.

It was good to get back into designing….. for my Rebecca!!



Anniversary Photo Shoot with Kevin and Melodie


 Kevin and Melodie-2

Check out those sweet cowboy boots!! Melodie forgot them for her wedding pictures…made sure we had them for these!!


Can’t believe my daughter Melodie and son-in-law Kevin were married 2 years yesterday! We were thrilled to have them come visit us from Castlegar this Easter weekend . While they were here we made sure to fit in an anniversary photo shoot! Of course Kevin always has fun and kissing Mel was probably the best part! We found a wide open field for pictures which is important for this nature loving couple!! Nothing better than hunting, fishing and being outdoors for these two…one of these days I need to take pictures of them ice fishing! Just so glad they are my kids…..


 Kevin and Melodie-6

2 years of marriage….9 years of loving each other…..


 Kevin and Melodie-9


 Kevin and Melodie-8

We look forward to seeing what the future holds for these two!

Kevin and Melodie-7

Happy marriages are made when we meet in the middle!!


Kevin and Melodie-5



 Kevin and Melodie-4


 Kevin and Melodie-3


Kevin and Melodie-1

Happy 2nd Anniversary Melodie and Kevin!!