I realized that I haven’t put up some of the projects that I put together in my first year of Digital Art and Design. The one I’m including today was a semester long project for my Graphic Design class. We were asked to research several public service ad ideas. We then needed to sketch them out numerous times, come up with several titles and a logo and to finalize our design ads using black and white, colour and duotone. I had fun taking these pictures with my daughter Rebecca and her friend Miranda! They enthusiastically helped me out and I was really happy with how they turned out. For the pictures I used Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, for the logo Adobe Illustrator and for the layout I used Adobe Indesign. So have any of you out there written a will? Feel free to comment here on my blog!!


Ad Design in Colour



Ad Design in Black and White


Ad Design in Duotone



Anniversary Photo Shoot with Kevin and Melodie


 Kevin and Melodie-2

Check out those sweet cowboy boots!! Melodie forgot them for her wedding pictures…made sure we had them for these!!


Can’t believe my daughter Melodie and son-in-law Kevin were married 2 years yesterday! We were thrilled to have them come visit us from Castlegar this Easter weekend . While they were here we made sure to fit in an anniversary photo shoot! Of course Kevin always has fun and kissing Mel was probably the best part! We found a wide open field for pictures which is important for this nature loving couple!! Nothing better than hunting, fishing and being outdoors for these two…one of these days I need to take pictures of them ice fishing! Just so glad they are my kids…..


 Kevin and Melodie-6

2 years of marriage….9 years of loving each other…..


 Kevin and Melodie-9


 Kevin and Melodie-8

We look forward to seeing what the future holds for these two!

Kevin and Melodie-7

Happy marriages are made when we meet in the middle!!


Kevin and Melodie-5



 Kevin and Melodie-4


 Kevin and Melodie-3


Kevin and Melodie-1

Happy 2nd Anniversary Melodie and Kevin!!

Beach Photo Shoot with Brad and Sophie

Well I was so happy to be back behind my camera last week for a really fun photo shoot! One of my daughter Vanessa’s best friends Sophie asked me to take some pictures of her and her boyfriend Brad as he was heading up north to work for quite a while. I had to fit it in between classes but it ended up being so much fun!! Sophie had lots of ideas and Brad was such a good sport with everything we wanted to try. What was really amazing is the coats that they are both wearing were completely handmade by Sophie and they certainly added an originality to the pictures!

They were both naturals in front of the camera and I didn’t have to do much more than point and shoot! When I opened the pictures in Lightroom, I was so happy with some of the shots I was able to get. I haven’t been able to do much more than open and tag them but I wanted to put up a few of my favourites so Sophie could have a “peek” at what we were able to capture that day!! I went with black and white for these pictures to capture their expressions. They’re a beautiful, fun and loving couple and that certainly showed!!



Sibling Love

Becca and Mitchell-motion

I don’t often get my two youngest, Rebecca and Mitchell together to take pictures!

So this was a special moment after church and they gave me 10 minutes to get a picture which isn’t much time. I  used my favourite shot, brought it into Adobe Lightroom and gave it an Aged Photo colour preset.

I edited it in Adobe Photoshop CC by blurring the background and then erasing the blur from their faces to bring them into focus! It really does show their love for each other…which is good to see sometimes!!

Fixing a Not So Good Photo

Principals List

This is one of Scott Kelby’s Photoshop CS Down and Dirty tricks “making a snapshot photo effect in photoshop” that I think I will try to use again…you can use a “not so good” photo, isolate the subject and make it fun! Here I have my daughter Rebecca at her Principal’s Honour banquet holding her certificate against a pretty boring background.

By putting her in a snapshot (putting a stroke around her and shadowing it) and then changing the background I was able to make the photo fun and memorable. The text font is Courier New.

The Christmas Card Struggle

I always struggle with Christmas cards every year. I love to receive them and love to send them but the problem is December! The month is so jam packed with things to do like shopping, baking, cleaning  and getting ready for Christmas. The thought of sending out 50 cards is especially daunting because I love sending out a newsletter with it. Some years I am successful, but other years it goes out after Christmas and sometimes into January. Somehow, writing after Christmas is more relaxing because I don’t have a to do list. I can just sit in my pyjamas, drinking hot chocolate with the snow falling outside and sit and write and design. Instead of another thing to get done, it’s just fun creating art with words and pictures.

This year my inspiration came from an instagram picture that I found of an annual report by Emilie at pluckymomo. I loved it and right away knew it was the format I wanted to use for my newsletter this year! So that very morning, I started working on it in Adobe Illustrator and finished it in the next couple of days. It goes out this weekend …a little late, but it’s a New Year’s letter and I love it and love what I learned from doing it.

Mathieson Report 2013


I think what I miss photographing the most in winter is flowers. They’re a little hard to find when snow is on the ground. I love their colour, their movement and the happiness they bring. I wish I liked growing them as much as I like taking their picture but alas, we all have different talents. I look forward to spring and the flowers it will bring. Life is just happier when flowers are around….Image