I wanted to design a page tribute to my daughter Rebecca who graduated from Norkam Secondary School this year. She has always loved sports through high school and has played volleyball, basketball and rugby just about every year. I’m proud of how hard she has worked and how she has also kept her grades up at the same time!! She’s (one of!) my sporty girl!!

I use Lightroom 5 to organize my pictures and then this page was designed in Adobe Photoshop CC using extractions, blending techniques, saturation levels and reflections. I also used Jana Morton’s Blending Techniques, Katie Pertiet’s Star glows and Anna Aspnes Artplay Saffron Villa brushes.

It was good to get back into designing….. for my Rebecca!!





I realized that I haven’t put up some of the projects that I put together in my first year of Digital Art and Design. The one I’m including today was a semester long project for my Graphic Design class. We were asked to research several public service ad ideas. We then needed to sketch them out numerous times, come up with several titles and a logo and to finalize our design ads using black and white, colour and duotone. I had fun taking these pictures with my daughter Rebecca and her friend Miranda! They enthusiastically helped me out and I was really happy with how they turned out. For the pictures I used Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, for the logo Adobe Illustrator and for the layout I used Adobe Indesign. So have any of you out there written a will? Feel free to comment here on my blog!!


Ad Design in Colour



Ad Design in Black and White


Ad Design in Duotone